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LUX 320 | Red Light Therapy Panel

LUX 320 | Red Light Therapy Panel

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LUX 320 Red Light Therapy Device is your go-to for professional-grade treatment in the comfort of your home. It boasts a powerful and wide array of red and near-infrared wavelengths to rejuvenate your skin, soothe pain, and accelerate muscle healing. With its substantial surface area coverage, LUX 320 makes your therapy sessions more efficient. Its ease of use and safety features, like zero EMF emissions, make it a top choice for health-conscious individuals.

🔴 Expansive Coverage: LUX 320 panel design ensures comprehensive treatment, enveloping your body in healing light.
🔴 6-band Wavelengths: Harnessing 610nm, 630nm & 660nm (red) to enhance skin and 810nm, 830nm & 850nm (nir) for more profound deep tissue benefits.
🔴 Home Convenience: With LUX 320, professional therapy is available anytime from the comfort of your living room without needing a clinic visit.
🔴 Effective and Safe: Designed to offer maximum therapeutic benefits with zero EMF emissions for your peace of mind.
🔴 Touch Operation: User-friendly touch controls and seven preset therapy choices for easy and hassle-free therapy sessions.
🔴 Voice Control: LUX 320 has a voice control function that allows you to set your therapy or even change your treatment while using it. 

Safe, Non-Invasive, Natural & Pain-Free Therapy
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