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ELITE 1520 | Red Light Therapy Panel

ELITE 1520 | Red Light Therapy Panel

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ELITE 1520 Red Light Therapy Panel encapsulates the zenith of home-based therapeutic innovation. ELITE 1520 stands ready to deliver an unmatched healing experience for the wellness enthusiast who demands professional-level treatment. This expansive panel is meticulously engineered to cover your full body, offering a spectrum of health benefits from skin vitality to deep tissue recovery.

🔴 Cocoon of Healing Light: With the ELITE 1520, you're not just stepping into a routine; you're enveloping your entire being in a cocoon of therapeutic red and near-infrared light. Its grand scale ensures no part of you is untouched by its restorative powers.
🔴 Tailored Wavelength Proficiency: Six bands of wavelengths are at the core of the ELITE 1520’s prowess. A trio of red wavelengths at 610nm, 630nm and 660nm meticulously cater to your skin's health, while the trio of near-infrared wavelengths at 810nm, 830nm and 850nm penetrate deeper to address muscle and tissue healing.
🔴 Luxury of Elite Care: In your quest for peak health, the ELITE 1520 is your ally, offering a luxurious therapeutic experience that rivals the most exclusive wellness clinics. Transform your living space into a sanctuary of elite self-care.
🔴 Uncompromised Safety Standards: With the ELITE 1520, embrace a wellness journey free of EMF emissions. Your uninterrupted safety and peace of mind are paramount, ensuring each session is as pure as it is effective.
🔴 Intuitive Operation for Daily Use: Simplicity meets sophistication with the ELITE 1520's user-friendly interface. Seamlessly integrate this panel into your daily wellness ritual with minimal effort and maximum convenience.
🔴 Durability Meets Design:  Reliability is the foundation upon which the ELITE 1520 is built. A steadfast commitment to quality means you receive consistent performance session after session.

Your Elite Path to Wellness Begins Now. 

The ELITE 1520 isn’t just a product; it’s your partner in the relentless pursuit of wellness. With complimentary shipping across Australia and our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction, the ELITE 1520 is a beacon of healing in your journey toward a radiant, healthier self.

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Customer Reviews

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David Ho
The best red light device, end of story

Is it possible that I’m in love with my red light panel? This thing is super powerful, comes with voice assistant, is customisable for all kinds of uses from bed time, muscle recovery, skin healing to name but a few.

If you are serious about red light therapy, this is 1000% the one you should get