Understanding Red Light Wavelengths - The Truth Behind Power and Quality

In the world of red light therapy, understanding the intricacies of the technology is key to making informed decisions. With a plethora of devices on the market, it's easy to get caught up in impressive-sounding specifications like LED power wattage. But what do these numbers really mean for the quality and effectiveness of a red light therapy device? Let's dive into the details and uncover the truth behind these figures, using Desired Lights' advanced technology as a benchmark.
The Misconception of LED Power Wattage
Many businesses promote their red light therapy devices based on LED power wattage, ranging typically from 0.1W to 5W. This figure indicates the maximum power each LED can emit, for example, our ELITE 1520 has 304 LED x 5W LED, It's important to note that this is a maximum figure and can depend on factors such as the quality of the globe, power unit and the source from the wall to the unit. Despite many customers believing that a higher number signifies greater power, this is actually incorrect!
The Truth About LED Power
The range from 0.1W to 5W represents a tolerance level. Generally, higher-powered LEDs may last longer, but this isn't a hard and fast rule. The longevity and effectiveness of an LED depend on the LED itself and the materials used in its construction. Read Blog: The Power in Red Light Therapy - 3535 LED's vs Normal LED's
Desired Lights’ Superior Technology
At Desired Lights, we utilise 3535 LEDs with a ceramic substrate. This technology is more than just numbers; it's about quality. Our LEDs are capable of delivering over 5% more power than standard LEDs. While 5% might seem nominal, in the realm of red light therapy, it's a significant difference that can impact the effectiveness of the treatment.
Irradiance: The Real Measure of Power
While wattage is important, the true measure of a red light therapy device's power lies in its irradiance. This refers to the intensity of light emitted by the device, directly impacting the therapy's effectiveness.
Beware of Misleading Metrics
However, caution is advised. Some companies might showcase the highest irradiance readings or use inappropriate measuring tools, like a solar light reader instead of a dedicated irradiance meter. These practices can lead to misleading results.
Desired Lights’ Commitment to Quality
At Desired Lights, we understand that our clients seek reliable and effective red light therapy. That's why we employ accurate and appropriate methods to measure irradiance, ensuring that our products deliver consistent and effective treatment.
Quality Matters
When choosing a red light therapy device, it's essential to look beyond the surface-level specifications. The quality of LEDs, the accuracy of power measurements, and the company's commitment to transparency all play crucial roles in the effectiveness of the therapy. Desired Lights stands as a testament to the importance of these factors, offering top-notch devices backed by scientific research and genuine customer care.
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