Red Light Therapy: The Newest Weight Loss Trend?

Red Light Therapy has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years as a promising new way to tackle weight loss. Unlike many other fad diets and treatments, however, this one is backed by science – and it may have some very real results.
Read on to learn more about how Red Light Therapy works and whether or not it’s right for you (quick hint, it is).

How Does Red Light Therapy Work for Weight Loss? 

Red Light Therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, works by exposing your body to low levels of red light wavelengths - with the majority of research indicating the most beneficial wavelengths between 650nm to 850nm, the range also known as the “therapeutic window”.
These types of light are shown to activate various processes throughout the body that can help promote healing and health. In particular, Red Light Therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve muscle recovery after exercise, and stimulate the production of cell-signalling molecules such as adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Just like us, in how we perform at our best with adequate fuel and sleep, our cells need their replenishing fuel to maximise their performance.
Both Red and NIR wavelengths stimulate cellular energy. As they are absorbed in the mitochondria (the power plant cells), this stimulates the ATP production - which is the primary fuel of all the body’s cells.
Increasing the cellular energy leads to improved cellular performance and healthier cells. So not only will you feel more energised, your organs will function better, you will recover better and you will get that extra zest in your cellular metabolism.

So let’s talk about Weight Loss specifically, shall we?
Studies have indicated that Red Light Therapy triggers the formation of small openings in fat cells, which then release fatty acids known as lipids. This process is often labelled as a ‘leak' in the fat cells. One study even showed that after just 4 minutes of exposure to the Red Light, that 80% of lipids had been released from fat cells, and by the 6 minute mark almost all of the fat had been released from the fat cell.

It is theorised that RLT causes temporary holes to form in fat cells, which is what lets the lipids ‘leak’ out - but more so than that, RLT also stimulates the natural death of fat cells. I know exactly what you’re thinking - Where do those fat lipids go? They are released within the body, to which then they are naturally expelled as toxins (through the liver, sweat glands, etc.).

Now we all know targeting fat loss is extremely difficult, however the promising look on how RLT is causing fat cells to release those lipids and die off at a faster rate is an extremely exciting prospect to help with the process of targeting a direct spot - like behind the arms, under the chin, stubborn belly and hip fats… you feel me?

What Are the Benefits? 

The benefits of Red Light Therapy are numerous. Not only does it provide a natural, non-invasive way to tackle weight loss without relying on potentially dangerous drugs or undergoing surgery, but it also offers a host of additional benefits that align to weight loss but also many others.
RLT benefits that align with weight loss; Improved muscle recovery and mass, thyroid regulation, reduced insulin resistance, appetite suppression, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, increased energy levels… they all definitely help with weight loss right?
But it also offers additional benefits such as improved skin tone and texture, reduced joint pain and swelling, and elevated moods.
As RLT has no ‘downtime’, it can be used as an addition to the lifestyle boosts that we all know help with weight management and fat loss, healthy eating and regular exercise.

Will my weight loss be permanent?
RLT is effective at reducing fat, which will result in weight loss - however, no procedure or treatment of any kind will result in permanent loss of excess fat… That can only be accomplished through consistency and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy and exercising regularly - but also treating any underlying conditions that could affect weight gain (i.e. hormone imbalances).
The reality will always remain the same, you must combine a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits with any additional therapies or procedures to ensure you have a long term sustainable weight. RLT should be a consistent part of your health and wellness routine, and it can have many amazing benefits that you will experience - but like anything, consistency over time equals results.

So to cut the fat, pun intended, if you’re looking for a safe and natural way to help you shed those extra pounds then look no further than Red Light Therapy! Check out our device EQUIP, giving you all the benefits and power you need to see results.

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