Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are uncomfortable and often painful lesions that form around the lips. The sores have no known cure, and can often take weeks to clear up and completely fade away. There are many home remedies for cold sores, but most are ineffective. Most just work to numb the pain and/or reduce the swelling - not really all you want is it?


Now there is a safe and effective way to speed up the healing process of cold sores with quality Red Light Therapy treatment.


I know what you’re thinking; doesn’t light make the issue worse? Yes and no… I’ll explain.

Sunlight and UV Light are one thing - With all the many benefits to natural sunlight, it does come with its UV spectrum of light - this is where the issue sits, as overexposure to UV can cause skin damage. So while sunlight can be great for a lot of things, minimising UV exposure is important as some research has shown that higher exposure to UV can increase the recurrence of HSV outbreaks. This is where it gets to the good stuff - so let’s take a closer look at how it works.


What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a type of phototherapy that uses Red or Near-Infrared Light to stimulate healing in your body’s cells. It has been used for centuries and has recently become popular once again due to its effectiveness in treating numerous conditions, including cold sores. RLT works by increasing the energy within your cells and stimulating the production of collagen proteins. This helps speed up the healing process and reduce inflammation.


How Does Red Light Therapy Work on Cold Sores?

RLT promotes biostimulation, which is a photochemical reaction process in the cells. When applied directly to cold sores, Red Light Therapy speeds up the healing process by promoting cellular regeneration and reducing inflammation around the affected area. It does this by increasing blood circulation to the site, enabling it to receive more of the nutrients it needs for proper healing.

RLT also significantly increases the production of collagen, the essential protein element that makes up around 80% of your skin. More collagen production, means quicker healthy new skin to replace the healed cold sore lesions further reducing their severity and duration.


Case Study: 

"Does low-level light therapy accelerate healing time of oral herpes simplex lesions?" (2018). PCOM Physician Assistant Studies Student Scholarship. 363.  2018

Review of these articles concludes that direct application of low-level light therapy significantly accelerates the healing time of oral herpes simplex lesions. This therapy exhibited great patient satisfaction, as they did not have to endure unsightly facial lesions for a long duration of time, and their symptoms of pain and burning were significantly reduced. Another added benefit of this therapy is patient acceptance, as patients reported simple usage and denied any negative effects of the light therapy.’


Does Red Light Therapy Have Any Side Effects?

RLT is generally considered safe for most people when used properly; however, it is recommended that individuals who have a condition with photosensitivity like lupus or those who are on medications that make them photosensitive should avoid using Red Light Therapy.


In rare cases, some people may experience headaches after using RLT due to an increase in blood pressure from increased circulation. If you experience any adverse reactions while using RLT on your cold sores, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

In conclusion, Red light therapy (RLT) is an effective treatment option that can help you get rid of cold sores quickly without any harsh chemicals or medications involved! RLT increases cellular regeneration in affected areas while also repairing the skin and helping prevent recurrence of cold sores. RLT is a non-invasive, chemical free, natural solution to your health. People who suffer from frequent outbreaks should definitely consider giving this natural remedy a try!


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